This week we discussed cognitive behavioral therapy. I chose this image because it shows the key ideas CBT. In a simple easily digestible way.

25 October 2023

I saw this while scrolling on Instagram and thought it was funny. In the tattoo community there is a joke that instead of going to therapy you go get a new tattoo. Similar to how in the gym community you go to the gym and workout instead of going t…

Problems with Pill Consumption in 1970

This article discusses former US Representative Paul G. Rogers desire to cut television ads containing the consumption of pills from TV advertisements. This is not specifically linked to prescription medications but this article demonstrates the ongoing problems with taking drugs in America during this period and links advertisements to the issue as well. Bibliography “Anti-Pill …

18 October 2023

I thought of this meme when I was reading about the “parallel universe” that Kaysen was talking about in the first chapter. It is similar to how Kaysen says that this parallel universe always exists but you may not always see it.

(Week 8) Freud and Repression

https://freudfile.org/psychoanalysis/repression.html I found this article to be very useful in helping me better understand Freud’s ideas/theories on repression and the role it played in patients’ conditions. From the article, I gathered the understanding that repression was not something that patients often did consciously, but rather, it usually was done subconsciously in order to protect them […]