Week 14 Blog Post

https://www.latimes.com/lifestyle/story/2021-10-04/what-is-involuntary-treatment-what-types-of-holds-exist This article on involuntary mental health treatment(s) was very informative. The article discusses the various methods of classifying whether or not someone should be receiving involuntary mental health treatment, as well as the criteria/attributes they would have to show to be deemed eligible. In particular, Anuja Kumaria’s (Senior Attorney at the Law Foundation of […]

Of Mice and Men Digitally Enhanced Essay

As a quick point of reference, Of Mice and Men was one of my favorite books as a high schooler. It was the first high school-assigned book I can distinctly remember having a lasting impact on me. I believe we read it in my 9th-grade Honors English class. I can still remember the Socratic seminars […]

Digitally Enhanced Research Essay

I wrote a digitally enhanced essay about three different institutions for my Digital Project. The three institutions are Central State Hospital, Crownsville State Hospital, and Ionia State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. This essay aimed to take on more of a comparative-styled approach. I hope you enjoy the read, and I apologize for the long-winded […]

Week 10 Post

YouTube video about how Schizophrenia became a “Black Disease”.

This video provides an excellent summary from Metzl himself about how schizophrenia became increasingly identified within minority populations (specifically African-America…

(Week 8) Freud and Repression

https://freudfile.org/psychoanalysis/repression.html I found this article to be very useful in helping me better understand Freud’s ideas/theories on repression and the role it played in patients’ conditions. From the article, I gathered the understanding that repression was not something that patients often did consciously, but rather, it usually was done subconsciously in order to protect them […]

HMH Blog 2023-10-03 22:45:44

Initial Proposal and Bibliography Joey Welch Hist 471 History of Mental Health in the US Dr. McClurken Initial Proposal:  This research project focuses on several segregated and non-segregated asylums from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The central goals of the project are to examine the discrepancies in the institutions and asylum’s physical and […]

Week 6 post

https://asylumprojects.org/images/9/9e/petersburg21.png This image is from the Central State Hospital in Petersburg, Virginia. (More commonly known as the Central Lunatic Asylum) This image shows several African American “insane patients” building a road. This picture struck me initially because I thought the patients were doing field/agricultural work, which was one of the main methods supervisors and attendants […]

Week 3 Day 2

https://kentuckyhistoricinstitutions.files.wordpress.com/2021/06/1-1.jpg The picture above shows several patients at Eastern State Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, and a restraint device known as the coercion chair being used on one of the patients. This picture, in particular, stuck out to me because of how the restrained patient sits with their head in their hands. This picture fits the […]