Laughing Like Crazy

Psychiatry and the Evolution of Mental Health in American Comedy I’ve been dealing with stuff more severe than that since a really young age. Um, I didn’t… I didn’t know when I was 11 years old that this thing had a name: Depression. I just thought everybody in fifth grade had an internal monologue like […]

Ledge Psychology

As I’ve started to dig back trying to find old comedians talking about mental health, I found it quite challenging to find anything, because as it turns out, they really didn’t talk about it. I’ve come to learn that we live in the Golden Age of comedians talking about how sad they are (which in […]

The Xanax Story

Okay, so bear with me. As someone who’s tried their hand at comedy (to varying degrees of success), and someone who enjoys history, I’ve long been fascinated with the development of humor and satire in the United States. I’ve been trying to figure out how to sneak this casual fascination into a class/scholarly pursuit for […]

About Me

Hey there! My name is Ricky Munoz, doing my legally required introduction for this class. I’m a senior history major from Centreville, Virginia, cleaning up a few classes to graduate this semester (is the plan, at least). As many of us alluded to on Tuesday, I’m taking this class not only because it fit well […]