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My questions for the Grob Reading: Could the negative concept of mental health; which entailed that mental illnesses were a personal problem rather than a societal problem; correlate with how we treat and recognize mental illnesses today? Based on how mental health has been approached throughout centuries, was mental health ever approached in a respectful/… Continue reading Wiki for 8/31/2021- Grob

Benjamin Franklin as a pioneer for mental health.

Tag: histmental 2021 – Week #2 The Grob text mentions Ben Franklin’s colony-wide fund raising effort for a Philadelphia mental hospital ( pg. 19). Franklin was convinced that proper treatment could restore the mentally ill to proper health. Franklin was a student of the Enlightenment who would be called a “social justice warrior” in today’s …

Week#1: HIST471G4

Introduction Welcome to my History of Mental Health in the United States Website. My name is Jayden Jordan and I am a senior at The University of Mary Washington. Like the majority of students in this class, I am a history major. My interest in history began in high school. I was fortunate enough to […]

HIST 471

Hello everyone! My name is Jack Kurz and I am in my senior year at the University of Mary Washington. I am very interested in the subject of Psychology and that is what led me to taking History of Mental Health. I am looking forward to many good disc…


This meme while depicting the characters from the popular Cartoon Network program Regular Show in a normal conversation between these characters. It is the writing on the side that shows that in the modern age of mental health. Many now see the direct correlation between the body and the mind. As seen when the writer …

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