Digital Resource Blog Post Week 11

Linked HERE is an Instagram Reel that shows someone repeatedly opening a door and shining a flashlight around a room. It is captioned “POV you’re trying to sleep but you’re at the mental hospital” and “every fifteen minutes and they won’t close the door!” This immediately reminded me of Nellie Bly’s account and the accounts … Continue reading “Digital Resource Blog Post Week 11”

Week Eight Resource Blog Post

After finishing Girl, Interrupted, I googled Susanna Kaysen because I was curious about her life following her memoir’s publication and subsequent popularity, and I found this interview from this May, where Kaysen reflected on the book thirty years later. I was especially intrigued by her answer to the question of what positive changes she has …

Week Five Resource Blog Post

I’ve been getting this really interesting ad on Twitter recently (please ignore the really poorly cropped screenshot; mobile is hard) that reminded me a bit of the blurry line between mental health treatment and spa treatment that we’ve mentioned a few times. I’m not totally sure in what way plunging oneself into a large bucket …