Week 14 Blog Post


This article on involuntary mental health treatment(s) was very informative. The article discusses the various methods of classifying whether or not someone should be receiving involuntary mental health treatment, as well as the criteria/attributes they would have to show to be deemed eligible. In particular, Anuja Kumaria’s (Senior Attorney at the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley) quote stuck with me: “We understand that family is important; they are the support systems often,” “However, ultimately, when it comes to involuntary treatment, it’s the individual whose civil liberties will be jeopardized.” Kumaria acknowledges the importance of the family in the process of rehabilitation. Still, she maintains that there is a certain point where there should be outside intervention, which is where involuntary treatment comes into play. The article emphasizes that while the line of when it’s deemed appropriate to implement involuntary treatment methods has long been stained gray, there are methods and means of measuring the level of danger one poses to themself, and to others, and this is a main part of how psychiatrists determine if someone is in need of involuntary treatment. #histmental2023