The Mentally Ill and Incarceration

This short webinar from PsychU discusses the issues that the mentally ill face in the criminal justice system. They’re often bullied, serve longer sentences, and are more likely to commit suicide than other inmates are. They also discuss the link between homelessness and incarceration and refer to the “revolving door” cycle that they face because […]

WEEK#13: What is Schizophrenia?

Above is an informational TEDed about Schizophrenia. In class, we have talked about Schizophrenia, and reading Pete Earley’s book we get first-hand accounts of the disorder, but I wanted to know more. Schizophrenia is a complex disorder and does not present the same in every individual. Earley’s work is, in my opinion, pessimistic which is …

Implementation of Hawaii’s “Forced Treatment” Law

Hawaii has the highest per capital rate of homelessness in the nation. About a third of homeless in Hawaii suffer from mental illness. This 2019 article discusses the strengthening of Hawaii’s Assisted Community Treatment Law, first enacted in 2013, whose goal was to compel severely mentally ill to receive psychiatric treatment when they are a …

Pete Earley and Virginia’s Mental Hospitals

While reading Crazy this week, I wanted to find more information on the book’s author, Pete Earley. While searching, I came across an article that he wrote for the Washington Post earlier this year about the state of mental hospitals in Virginia. He explains that these hospitals are running out of space and can no …

Pete Earley This is Pete Earley’s website that essentially compiles all of his works and information about him. While reading Crazy, one thing that I haven’t been able to shake is the family response to Mikes condition. Being in a family that has had similar issues with mental illness and trying to navigate the proper response… Continue reading Pete Earley