Brain on Fire

“How many people do you think throughout history were diagnosed as schizophrenic, psychotic, bipolar, or maybe just plain crazy when they had something that could’ve been so easily diagnosed?” For my mental health related movie/tv show project, I decid…

Benny and Joon

Benny and Joon is a sweet, romantic comedy about siblings who lived together and try to deal with Joon’s mental illness. The movie does not specifically state what Joon’s diagnosis is, but I would guess that it was schizophrenia judging by her behavior. Benny struggled with providing the care for her that she needs because […]

Film review of A Beautiful Mind

Ron Howard’s 2001 film A Beautiful Mind is a dramatization of the mental illness struggles of Nobel laureate mathematician John Nash (1928-2015). The film is important for having introduced to the public what schizophrenia actually is, and how someone with schizophrenia may perceive the world. Nash, played by Russell Crowe, is a brilliant mathemetician who believes he …

AHS: Asylum

American Horror Story: Asylum is apart of the American Horror Story anthology series and is based in Briarcliff Sanitorium in the 1960s. In the show, the sanitarium started out as a tuberculosis hospital but was bought by the Catholic Church in 1962 to become a sanatorium for the criminally insane where Monsignor Timothy Howard was… Continue reading AHS: Asylum

“Spinning Out” and Bipolar Disorder

Throughout the topic of mental health in United States history, there is a consensus that people with mental health disorders either feel like they do not fit in with society, society does not accept them, or both. Even in the 21st-century, people still see the topic of mental health as unspeakable. According to Dr. Alexander …