Pete Earley This is Pete Earley’s website that essentially compiles all of his works and information about him. While reading Crazy, one thing that I haven’t been able to shake is the family response to Mikes condition. Being in a family that has had similar issues with mental illness and trying to navigate the proper response… Continue reading Pete Earley

AHS: Asylum

American Horror Story: Asylum is apart of the American Horror Story anthology series and is based in Briarcliff Sanitorium in the 1960s. In the show, the sanitarium started out as a tuberculosis hospital but was bought by the Catholic Church in 1962 to become a sanatorium for the criminally insane where Monsignor Timothy Howard was… Continue reading AHS: Asylum

Digital Research Project

For my digital research project I research Elizabeth Packard and her institutionalization at the hand of her husband, Theophilus Packard. Elizabeth Packard was sent to the Illinois State Asylum after an incident of expressing differing religious beliefs than that of her husbands. That event caused her to be locked in the asylum for three years… Continue reading Digital Research Project

AHS Asylum Update

I thought for this week’s blog post I would do an update on the show I’m watching which is American Horror Story: Asylum. So far the show has touched on electroshock therapy, corporal punishment, Homosexuality as a mental disorder, and even B.F. Skinner. The show, while being obviously dramatized and unrealistic, has actually had quite… Continue reading AHS Asylum Update

Project Approach for Elizabeth Packard

For the digitally enhanced project I am going to utilize WordPress and essentially create a website about my research on Elizabeth Packard. It will include my thesis along with a short summary about Elizabeth Packard’s life. From there, I will use both secondary and primary sources to create different tabs that will organize my research.… Continue reading Project Approach for Elizabeth Packard

The Movie Clinical

I recently watched this movie with a friend and it made me realize how dangerous over-dramatization of mental illness, asylums, and treatment is. The movie is centered around a psychiatrist who goes insane herself after a traumatic experience with a patient. The movie really hones in on the stereotype of mentally ill people being inherently… Continue reading The Movie Clinical

Project Proposal – Elizabeth Packard

Elizabeth Packard was a vital figure in the reformation and social awareness of mental health in the 19th century. After being involuntarily committed to the Illinois Insane Asylum by her reverend husband for merely having differing religious beliefs, she remained institutionalized for three years. While institutionalized, she continuously plead to be released and was adamant… Continue reading Project Proposal – Elizabeth Packard

Elizabeth Packard

Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard was one of the women whose first hand account we read this week. Her description of her treatment by her husband and experience in the asylum was one that stuck out to me the most. I found it shocking the level of indifference and anger her husband had towards her –… Continue reading Elizabeth Packard

Rosemary Kennedy

For my research topic for this semester I have decided to focus on Rosemary Kennedy. This website provides a great background to her story and how the Kennedy’s handled her mental disability. The article touches on how Rosemary became disabled and how that led to her eventual prefrontal lobotomy that left her essentially unresponsive for… Continue reading Rosemary Kennedy