About Me

Hey there! My name is Ricky Munoz, doing my legally required introduction for this class. I’m a senior history major from Centreville, Virginia, cleaning up a few classes to graduate this semester (is the plan, at least). As many of us alluded to on Tuesday, I’m taking this class not only because it fit well […]

08/30/2023: Intro

Hello! My name is Neonya and I am a Senior History major. Not only did I take History of Mental Illness in the U.S. because I needed another 400 level course (trying to be honest) but because the course seemed genuinely interesting to me! I am excited to learn more about how the perception of […]

Blog Post 1: About Me

Hello Everyone! My name is Jacob Martin and I’m a senior this year. I love animals and have a Golden Retriever named Max. In my free time I like making models from scratch, drawing, collecting and spending time with my family and friends. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always had a fascination […]

Test Post

This is a test to make sure that posts will work in general, but also for the functional purpose of having them for my History of Mental Health in the US class. (Hello to anyone who’s traveled back here in the distant or not-so-distant future). Did you know that the classic placeholder text “lorem ipsum” […]


My name is Ruth Curran and I am a History major. I chose this course because the topic sounded really interesting and it also worked well with my schedule. I also really enjoyed and felt I acquired a lot of practical knowledge from the last seminar I took with Professor McClurken. I am a single …