Film Post: Disney’s Frozen

In Disney’s hit movie Frozen, one of the main characters, Elsa, obviously struggles with mental health issues. During her childhood, after Elsa accidentally struck her little sister Anna in the head with her ice powers, her parents decided the best course of action for her was to conceal her powers, and thus her true self. […]

25 October 2023

I saw this while scrolling on Instagram and thought it was funny. In the tattoo community there is a joke that instead of going to therapy you go get a new tattoo. Similar to how in the gym community you go to the gym and workout instead of going t…

18 October 2023

I thought of this meme when I was reading about the “parallel universe” that Kaysen was talking about in the first chapter. It is similar to how Kaysen says that this parallel universe always exists but you may not always see it.

4 October 2023

I chose this meme because I saw it one day when I was scrolling on Instagram and immediately thought of this class. I thought it was funny that I saw something related to a mental health institute on one of my social media feeds.

27 September 2023

I used this meme since I am researching Nellie Bly for my project and more often then not I get sucked into interesting YouTube videos I find about her. I honestly think Nellie Bly is really cool, so it’s really easy for me to get distracted …

Proposal and Annotated Bibliography

Proposal Blackwell’s Island, now known as Roosevelt Island, is a small island in New York’s East River. It is about 2 miles long and is situated between Manhattan Island and Long Island. Blackwell’s Island, after being purchased by the city of New York in 1828, housed some of the city’s most notorious and destitute citizens. […]