Week Eight Resource Blog Post

After finishing Girl, Interrupted, I googled Susanna Kaysen because I was curious about her life following her memoir’s publication and subsequent popularity, and I found this interview from this May, where Kaysen reflected on the book thirty years later. I was especially intrigued by her answer to the question of what positive changes she has …


The reason I chose this picture is because we have been discussing mental asylums from women’s perspective. As we have discussed many women were put into these hospitals for less than solid reasons. I believe this picture perfectly shows the st…


Another meme about mental illness that shows that younger generations have become desensitized to the issue. It also reminds me of a comment I made earlier in the week about how sometimes people will take traits that are outside the norm and assume they have a mental illness or disorder. Szasz would not approve of […]


This video reminded me of the readings for this week because it mentioned  how in the 19th century insanity in women was linked to pregnancy and the period immediately after giving birth, which today we know is from the psychological stress of giving birth and is referred to as postpartum depression. The other part is […]

Week 6 Blog Post

While working in my local Historical Society, I was shocked to find some things about Dr. Joseph DeJarnette who was Superintendent of the Western State Hospital. I found two different obituary’s about Dr. DeJarnette that seem very contradicting within my museum’s DeJarnette collection. This collection has some things that I believe would be beneficial for […]