Bibliography and Topic

Project Topic-Diet culture and its influence on eating disorders  in the 21st century Biederman , Alyssa. My Rory: A Personal Journey Through Teenage Anorexia. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, 2005. Binstock, Melissa. Nourishment: Feeding My Starving Soul When My Mind and Body Betrayed Me. Deerfield Beach: Health Communications, Inc., 2001. Burns, Maree, and Helen Malson. Critical Feminist […]

Week 1

This photo shows the “bedroom” of an American psychiatric hospital in 1861. It perfectly displays the poor conditions we have discussed this week. Specifically issues of overcrowding as we can see the room is completely full of beds with narrow walkways. The overall lack of privacy speaks to how patients were continually dehumanized throughout hospitals. …

Overcrowding in Crownsville (week 2 post)–mental-asylum-insane-asylum.jpg When I first looked at this picture, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at. After a little digging and found out that the picture came from what was then called the “Hospital for the Negro Insane of Maryland.” (founded in 1910) We haven’t discussed asylum treatment of minorities very much in class, […]

The Xanax Story

Okay, so bear with me. As someone who’s tried their hand at comedy (to varying degrees of success), and someone who enjoys history, I’ve long been fascinated with the development of humor and satire in the United States. I’ve been trying to figure out how to sneak this casual fascination into a class/scholarly pursuit for […]

Week 2 Blog Post

I collect postcards and found this interesting one from the early 1900s showing the Westbrook Sanatorium in Richmond, Virginia. On the back it talks a little bit about how they’re a private run hospital to treat nervous and mental disorders as well as addiction conditions. This postcard got me thinking about topics/facilities close to home […]


Black psychiatrist and other specialist within the field of Psychology and Mental Health gather to discuss the question: Why do Black people not go to therapy? In the video, they discuss multiple factors, but the most common reason being the stigma behind mental health within the Black community as a whole. Societal and cultural standards […]

Week 2 Resource Blog Post

Link to article HERE. This article from the New York Times Magazine entitled “The Therapy Issue: Does Therapy Really Work? Let’s Unpack that” addresses author Susan Dominus’ struggles with finding success in therapy and then the research that followed to answer the question of how effective modern talk therapy really is, as well as what …

The Kirkbride Plan

To put Thomas Kirkbride’s vision for mental institutions into perspective, I’ve found this overhead blueprint of the Buffalo State Asylum. From this image, one can tell how sunlight and fresh air would be emphasized, two hallmarks of K…