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My working thesis is “this paper will argue American society forced mental health facilities to become long term care facilities.” The first place to look for that is how “insane” people were viewed by the majority of Americans during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. As cities became more populated throughout America citizens became less likely …

Neonya Garner 2023-09-26 03:23:29

Neonya Garner In the past few decades, taking care of one’s own mental health has become a great concern to millions around the world. Entire industries dedicated to taking care of people with mental illnesses have been redefined and reconstructed to fit the crisis. While the rate of accessibility to mental health help has increased […]

Proposal and Annotated Bibliography

Proposal Blackwell’s Island, now known as Roosevelt Island, is a small island in New York’s East River. It is about 2 miles long and is situated between Manhattan Island and Long Island. Blackwell’s Island, after being purchased by the city of New York in 1828, housed some of the city’s most notorious and destitute citizens. […]

Proposal with Annotated Bibliography

Proposal: This project will examine the fates of various historic asylums following deinstitutionalization and moving into the twenty-first century, with the goal of answering two fundamental questions. The first question is, quite simply, what became of these structures. There are a few common trends that will be discussed, including some asylums continuing for the majority …

Proposal with Annotated Bibliography

RJ Davis Proposal: Controversies in Virginia’s Central State Hospital Arguably, Central State Hospital in Petersburg Virginia never had its heyday in the picture of modern equality-based perceptions of successful mental health practices. Opening in 1862 as Howard’s Grove Hospital for Confederate soldiers, the grounds were repurposed in 1869 and renamed the Central Lunatic Asylum for …

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As I’ve started to dig back trying to find old comedians talking about mental health, I found it quite challenging to find anything, because as it turns out, they really didn’t talk about it. I’ve come to learn that we live in the Golden Age of comedians talking about how sad they are (which in […]

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The media piece I decided to include this week comes from one of my favorite shows of all time, Ghost Adventures. In the short clip they discuss the reasons that people were admitted to the hospital; mostly they focus on people that were committed for “no reason.” They focus on how living in Kirkbrides asylum …

Week 3 Blog Post I posted a link to a journal that I found while doing some research for my project the other day. Our library has a few Western State Hospital annual reports and this one is from 1930. I don’t know if this could possibly help anyone with their project but either or it’s still a […]