This meme (a little outdated) perfectly encompasses what many Black Americans experience when opening up about depression and other mental illnesses.

Week 3 Day 2

https://kentuckyhistoricinstitutions.files.wordpress.com/2021/06/1-1.jpg The picture above shows several patients at Eastern State Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, and a restraint device known as the coercion chair being used on one of the patients. This picture, in particular, stuck out to me because of how the restrained patient sits with their head in their hands. This picture fits the […]

Kirkbride Plan

This video covers buildings in the Kirkbride plan, and references Dorthea Dix and other reformers who had a role on this plan.

Project Topic and Initial Bibliography

The topic that I am interested in pursuing for this project is what happened to the physical buildings of asylums during and following the period of deinstitutionalization. Were they abandoned, repurposed, torn down, etc? I am also curious as to how they were perceived within the community/wider public following that period and how understanding of …

Research Based Digital Project Broad Topic and Bibliography

Tenative digital project option: Digitally enhanced research essay The evolvement of women’s reliance on treating anxiety with medications in the 1950s-1980s. Bound, Fay. “Keywords in the History of Medicine: Anxiety.” The Lancet (British Edition) 363, no. 9418 (2004): 1407–. Brill, Abraham, Signund, Freud. Selected Papers on Hysteria and Other Psychoneuroses. NY: The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing …