5 Lessons about Digital Identity

I’m not one for posting Buzzfeed-esque posts so I’ll just get to it.  These are five things I learned/found important when looking at sites detailing one’s digital identity.


1) If I want people to consistently know what you’ve done, I should maintain my site.  I need to make sure the site or any parts of it have not expired in order to not give any errors when checking the site and I need to keep posting to it to maintain a professional appearance.
2) Everything on the internet lasts forever.  If someone posts anything with my name on it, it will come up in a Google search, I will have to make sure these posts are generally good or the consequences will be bad.
3) With a bit of help, some blogs can quickly become famous around the world.  At this point, writers can ask their audiences for suggestions on what they should work on.4) Keep the front page simple.  Most people are impatient and do not like reading, if there is something I want the readers to know, make it clear in the beginning.
5) Organize the site.  If there are multiple talents I want people to know about, I will have to separate them on the site so viewers can find what they are looking for easily.