Weekly Summary (13 & 14)

These past two weeks have been my worst, as far as completing assignments. This will be my first weekly assignment where I come up short on a few assignments. I’m really agitated about this matter, because I have been very consistent each week (grade wise) and completed every task. But I’m not going make excuses, I will display what I have accomplished and keep it moving.

Alan’s Vacation

Remix Generator

9 Stars

Consumer Mashup

Talky Tina Headswap

Actor Transformation 

 What Is Remix?

Anyone is capable of making a remix, whether it is a form of audio, video, or image. Remixing is re-creating original content and incorporating your own original content as well. In audio for instance, people take samples from popular songs all the time. Although it may be a small section of a song, it is best to try and make it as unrecognizable as possible, adding your own twist on it. If you fail to do so, you could find yourself in some serious heat. Even if you are producing these remixes strictly for hobby, it is still a good idea to reference and give credit where it is due.

As Kirby Ferguson stated, “Everything is a Remix”. Those videos he made are considered remixes (great videos by the way). He used other people’s images, video, and audio to support his claim on remixing. Aside from media, engineers are capable of remixing. They can take original ideas of existing components and combine them to form their own vision (The Basic Elements Of Creativity). Copy, Transform, and Combine are the elements responsible for why we are able to type this blog post on a computer right now. Iphones, TV’s, and automobiles are all prominent examples.

Some of the remix examples I viewed like Star Wars Call Me Maybe were pretty creative, but time consuming as well. The possibilities are really endless. From what I have learned and completed this week, I’ve come up with so many remix ideas that I want to try out. The future will be a better place because of remixing, improving all aspects of life and creating new opportunities, jobs, etc. If we didn’t remix, we would be stuck with the same old things day to day, life would be boring. I urge everyone to expand their minds, share and combine ideas, and progress together.