Progress Report

So far I’ve fully completed two of the 5 stages of my project. The first stage was planing which I took a bit longer than expected with as I was figuring out how to best approach my concept. I think I have a solid foundation now and it has alleviated some of the stress to know that I have also thought of a few back up solutions in case problems arise. I was also able to source the rest of my materials during thanksgiving break, the most important of which were the two keyboards. I ended up caving and purchasing them from Walmart at $10 a piece. The second stage was the deconstruction phase of the project in which I took apart one of the keyboards and made further plans about how to incorporate the pieces into my design. This part was fairly quick, and since then I have been able to jump into stage 3 which is construction. I hope to be done with the bulk of my sculpture on or before Saturday which would give me the weekend to finish steps 4-5 finishing touches and 3D imaging. I want to work ahead of course in case any issues or setbacks come up. Worst case I want to be able to run to the store and buy whatever in need in an emergency.

Below are some photos of the materials I’m using and some from the deconstruction stage.