Talky Tina Headswap

Original Assignment (2 stars)



This is the first I have heard of Talky Tina. Either way, This little girl is creepy looking. The goal for this assignment was to find an image of her, chop her head off, and place it somewhere (monument, object, etc). Pretty simple task, nothing fancy.

So I stumbled upon a bunch of creepy images on Tina on Google and just snagged one. When I was working on this assignment, I was pretty out of it, but had the image of her head on a dinner platter in my head. So boom, I searched for a waiter or a servant carrying a platter or tray. It took me a while to find one that wasn’t tagged up by companies trying to sell the images. By the fourth or fifth page on google images, I finally found one that seemed to work.

As usual, I opened them up in Photoshop and began editing. The waiter with the tray image didn’t need much work. I just had to erase some text at the bottom of the image. Chopping Tina’s head from the rest of her body was a breeze. The image I found of her was huge, so I resized the head to my liking and placed it on the tray. I think i placed it just right, making it look as real as I possibly could. Easiest two stars all semester, but I had fun making this creepy image.