Digital Identity and Resume

With the exponential growth in technology over the recent decades it is clear to see, the world around us has changed greatly. From the beginning of the internet, to the flourishing social connectivity it has become and provides. The benefits with the growing fields in technology seem to have an endless cumulative significance to many aspects of everyday life, from friends to work and studies creating a Digital Identity.

As an individual living in this technologically inclined society we need to ask: How does this all affect me, and what is my digital identity? To answer these questions I have to take into account all aspects of my limited tech-savvy life style. The most popular place to look into for an individual’s Digital Identity would first be Facebook. When looking at my digital social media history Facebook, Instagram, and videos, I have no harmful posts, or pictures that would hinder any sort of resume or background search. In the past I have not written posts about anything derogatory or anything towards an individual or group calling them out. I have made very few posts, mostly pictures of family or church gatherings on facebook, and what I think to be artistic nature posts on Instagram.

When looking at all other aspects of my social identity, or parts that are not controlled by myself, maybe a few newspaper articles in some town archives where I grew up showing patriotism or honoring a trip to a national choir competition. Also there would probably be some articles on my Year of full time volunteer service through City Year and how I was the Keynote speaker, and some school archives probably have my name in some graduation database. I know that I personally need to start building and working on my professional Digital Identity to round my online image.

In the next week or so I will be working on my digital Resume, working and thinking about what and what not to include. Also, this will have me thinking of who or why I am making the resume for. Updates to come.