A Gangster & A Gentleman (Final Story Project)


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Humphrey Bogart was born on December 25, 1899 in New York City. He grew up to be a well-mannered kid, until the death of his father at age 17. His mother tried to cover up the truth about his death, but Bogart Jr. eventually found out the real reason from the kids on the street. From that point on, he was never the same.

Within a year, he was kicked out of prep school for smoking and drinking. He had so much built in anger due to his father’s passing, which led him to act out and become involved in street activities. The gangsters on the block eventually took him under their wing, throwing him cash to do side jobs. He quickly became obsessed with the lifestyle, working up the ranks and becoming a man that people respected and feared.


Over the years, he was known on the streets as “Bogie”. Men feared him, but the ladies adored him. He was a real smooth talker, and it seemed as if he had a new lady every week. Attractive women were his weakness, and it showed. He would quickly transform from a tough guy into a gentleman whenever gorgeous women were in his presence. Deep down, beyond his gangster mentality, all he wanted was a partner who was loyal, and would accept him for his true identity as Humphrey Bogart Jr.


It wasn’t until the age of 44, when he met the stunning Lauren Bacall. The two hit it off and made an instant connection. Bogie was not one to fall quickly for any woman, but within the first hour of conversation, he knew she was the one. Although she was 20 years younger than him, it did not bother her one bit. As time progressed, Lauren overlooked his dark side, and appreciated the good qualities he had to offer. If any one could make Bogart Jr. leave the “underworld” lifestyle behind and walk a straight path, it was Ms. Bacall. Their love and loyalty for each other was indestructable. The two lovebirds ended up getting married about a year later, and are expecting their first child.

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Poster 2