Consumer Mashup

Original Assignment (3 stars)



For this assignment, the objective was to pick a store that we frequent visit, and edit their original logo (using text, images. etc). Although I dislike the Macy’s here in Fredericksburg (kind of limited than other locations), I still visit from time to time to purchase garments. I usually browse through their Ralph Lauren Polo collection and see what they have to offer. I never pay full price, because frankly, their prices are ridiculously high. In the fall/winter seasons, I like to scoop up some Champion hoodies/sweatshirts that they carry. So those are mainly the two reasons why I shop there.

For the logo, I grabbed the original one off google images in high quality. I did not want to add any additional text, just a couple images. Next, I grabbed the Polo and Champion logos and it was a wrap as far as what I needed for my logo makeover. All 3 images were opened in Photoshop. For the Macy’s logo, I grabbed the eraser tool and got rid of the letter c. I used the Champion “C”. resized it, and put it in it’s place. Lastly, I cut out the Ralph Lauren pony logo and placed it in the red star after resizing (it just felt and looked right). It was a pretty simple task and straightforward, probably the easiest assignment this week. To sum it up, I guess this logo states that I shop at Macy’s because I am a Ralph Lauren and Champion addict.