Film Post: Psycho

For my movie/show post, I decided to pick Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho. This film as always been one of my favorites, since I was a kid when my parents first introduced me to it. The movie takes place following a woman by the name of Marion Crane who is supposed to be putting a sum […]

Mental Health Related Show Review: House, MD season 6 premier

Season six of House, MD began with two episodes recounting House’s stay at the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital after his addiction to Vicodin worsened and he began hallucinating and acting increasingly erratic. They began with House being held in a small hospital room as he went through withdrawals; this included him being restrained, showing that despite … Continue reading “Mental Health Related Show Review: House, MD season 6 premier”

Of Mice and Men Digitally Enhanced Essay

As a quick point of reference, Of Mice and Men was one of my favorite books as a high schooler. It was the first high school-assigned book I can distinctly remember having a lasting impact on me. I believe we read it in my 9th-grade Honors English class. I can still remember the Socratic seminars […]

Blog Post 11/9

This poster describes Thorazine also known as Chlorpromazine. This drug was created in 1955 and was the first antipsychotic. This week in class we discussed the 1950s and the focus on drugs to help the mentally ill.

Project 11/9

During the twentieth century America had been overcome by the fight for civil rights. After many years of fighting, the 19th amendment was passed in 1920 giving women the right to vote. This was shortly followed by the passing of the Indian Citizenship Act in 1924. After that was the civil rights movement of the …

Digitally Enhanced Research Essay

I wrote a digitally enhanced essay about three different institutions for my Digital Project. The three institutions are Central State Hospital, Crownsville State Hospital, and Ionia State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. This essay aimed to take on more of a comparative-styled approach. I hope you enjoy the read, and I apologize for the long-winded […]

Digital Resource Blog Post Week 11

Linked HERE is an Instagram Reel that shows someone repeatedly opening a door and shining a flashlight around a room. It is captioned “POV you’re trying to sleep but you’re at the mental hospital” and “every fifteen minutes and they won’t close the door!” This immediately reminded me of Nellie Bly’s account and the accounts … Continue reading “Digital Resource Blog Post Week 11”

Digital Project

Many, if not all of the remaining mental institutions in the United States have some aura of controversy surrounding them. Central State Hospital in Petersburg, Virginia isn’t unique in this aspect. Central State was the first mental institution in America opened specifically for African Americans. It’s safe to assume that many Americans cared little for …