Pete Earley This is Pete Earley’s website that essentially compiles all of his works and information about him. While reading Crazy, one thing that I haven’t been able to shake is the family response to Mikes condition. Being in a family that has had similar issues with mental illness and trying to navigate the proper response… Continue reading Pete Earley

Pete Earley, Journalist and Mental Health Advocate

Week #13 One of the reasons I wanted to take this course was to gain some insight and understanding of mental health care and the history behind all the unfortunate stereotypes that accompany people who are suffering from mental health issues. As the parent of four adults and a grandparent of two teenagers, the problems …

Mental Illness in Media

Mental Illness is often misrepresented in film and TV, but this video highlights some of the ones that got it right. Crazy Ex Girlfriend makes the top of the list by capturing Borderline Personality Disorder and her struggle to get a diagnosis to finally begin treatment. Rachel finishes law school and finally lands a dream […]

Week 12

My post for this week is about this video on the link between mental illness and creativity. The video discusses the notion of the struggling artist and how this is a trend we have seen throughout time. Mental illness and creativity work in the brain in similar ways and this is why mentally ill or […]