AHS Asylum Update

I thought for this week’s blog post I would do an update on the show I’m watching which is American Horror Story: Asylum. So far the show has touched on electroshock therapy, corporal punishment, Homosexuality as a mental disorder, and even B.F. Skinner. The show, while being obviously dramatized and unrealistic, has actually had quite… Continue reading AHS Asylum Update

Mental Check-In #2

You already know what this is by the title; ANOTHER mental health check-in for the semester! Just like the last one, this is check-in is for everyone, including you, Professor McClurken. How have you been doing so far? Are you taking your vitamins and getting a full meal in? Are you sleeping well and drinking… Continue reading Mental Check-In #2

Digital Essay Project Approach

For my digital essay, I will begin with some background information about the Salem Witch Trials for a paragraph or two and then introduce some theories that historians have for what caused the strange, medical symptoms in the young girls that sparked the witch panic. I will then explain the history of hysteria, what the […]