Week#1: HIST471G4


Welcome to my History of Mental Health in the United States Website. My name is Jayden Jordan and I am a senior at The University of Mary Washington. Like the majority of students in this class, I am a history major. My interest in history began in high school. I was fortunate enough to have really amazing history teachers that taught the subject in a way that engaged with students, rather than lecturing from a textbook. That said, I initially planned to be a biology major when I first applied to UMW, but later decided on history, which is my true passion. I was born and raised in Winchester, VA, but briefly lived in Cincinnati, Ohio in my childhood. Outside of school, I like to spend my free time watching movies and tv shows. I also like to read for fun, but I don’t get to do that much during the school year due to the already extensive readings assigned with homework. I don’t really have any hobbies. I tried knitting and crochet, but that did not work out well. I chose this class to fulfill my 400-level course requirement for the history major. The History of Mental in the United States appeared to be the most interesting. Over the course of the semester, I hope to learn more about the evolution of mental health in this country. I hope to learn how close mental health professionals are to perfecting the field of mental health care, as well as, how much mental health treatments evolved.

HIST 471

Hello everyone! My name is Jack Kurz and I am in my senior year at the University of Mary Washington. I am very interested in the subject of Psychology and that is what led me to taking History of Mental Health. I am looking forward to many good discussions this semester!


This meme while depicting the characters from the popular Cartoon Network program Regular Show in a normal conversation between these characters. It is the writing on the side that shows that in the modern age of mental health. Many now see the direct correlation between the body and the mind. As seen when the writer “Me” asks “Brain” for two “feel good chemicals” dopamine and serotonin. Showing that the lack of these two chemicals can lead to a melancholic feeling or depression.

Introduction to HIST 471 + Me

Hi all, welcome to my website! My name is Carson Berrier, and my blog’s title is a play on my last name! I am a senior here at Mary Wash, studying History and Secondary Education. I am currently deciding whether to stay in our 5th year M.Ed. program or to head to grad school for […]

About Me

Hi everybody! My name is Audrey Schroeder and I am a major in History. I grew up all over the United States. My father was a Major in the Air Force, so I moved around quite a bit. I have been living in Virginia for the past eight years and I really see this state as my home.

I chose to take this class because mental health has been a part of my life ever since my sister was born. She is neurodivergent which makes her life a little more difficult, but she is truly the strongest person I know. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Since she has such a big impact on my life I wanted to learn a little more about the history of mental health. I want to be able to by the end of this class to understand her more .

Mental Illness in Film

Scene from A Beautiful Mind (2000), a film that got me interested in psychiatry, which poignantly depicts schizophrenia from the perspective of the sufferer. The film, starring Russell Crowe as Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Nash, also highlights the brutal methods employed on schizophrenics in the 1950s and 60s.

History of Mental Health in the United States HIST471G4 Self Introduction

Hello, I’m Chris O’Neill, a senior at UMW. Previously, I have studied ancient European and Asian history here at UMW, which has helped me to gain a unique perspective on how historical events have shaped different regions of the globe. Before becoming a history major, however, I entertained the idea of becoming a psychiatrist due to my interest in how the mind/brain works particularly in the context of mental disorders. Alas, I was not cut out for science, so here I am studying history, which is interesting in its own right, nevertheless. I am looking forward to taking a class that combines both mental health and its history in this country. Additionally, I have had my own mental health struggles, which I’m sure many of us have, so that is another reason that I’m interested in this course.