Abuse of Patients Today

This video by BuzzFeed is quite horrific as it depicts a patient in a mental facility being abused by one of the staff members. There are people around watching and do not seem to be perturbed by the situation. This video reminds me of Nellie Bly because while this abuse is not as harsh as […]

Social Deviation and Mental Illness

Modern psychiatry has moved past the diagnosis of Hysteria as a mental disorder today. This disease used to be thought to originate from women’s unpredictable reproductive organs. Their “floating wombs” in their bodies caused women’s brains and behaviors to change. They could be extremely emotional, unpredictable, irrational, or experience other unexplainable symptoms. Society really governed […]

PTSD From Recent U.S. Evacuation of Afghanistan

Fall of Afghanistan can trigger PTSD in veterans (msn.com) This article relates to a giant mental health crisis amongst our service men and women. Recently, the United States evacuated Afghanistan, resulting in the end of a 20 year occupation. Many Afghan and American people witnessed many traumatic events. These traumatic events shed light on the […]

Possession or Hysteria?

Looking back at the Salem Witch Trials today, most people would not jump to the conclusion that the afflicted women in these cases were actually bewitched or possessed at the time. While there are lots of theories as to what happened, most scholars believe that the women were experiencing symptoms of Hysteria, which can be […]

Week 2

Hello everyone! This is my #Histmental2021 post for this week! This meme to me is very relevant to the class because it discusses the nature of psychiatry. Psychiatry has evolved a ton but there is no denying that some mental illnesses cannot be cured completely. This is relevant to the readings because they discuss heavily […]

HIST 471

Hello everyone! My name is Jack Kurz and I am in my senior year at the University of Mary Washington. I am very interested in the subject of Psychology and that is what led me to taking History of Mental Health. I am looking forward to many good disc…


Hi! My name is Allison and I am a history major at UMW. My educational journey has been nontraditional, but I’m excited to say that after several years of taking a class or two a semester, I’m almost done with my degree! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve […]


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