(apologies for the embed not working, the link should be fine!) This comedian addresses the struggles of talking about mental health within the Black community. While his comment may be brief, it became the highlight of his stand-up set simply because it was relatable to many.

John M. Galt

As we’ve discussed in class, John M. Galt may have had good intentions, but behind closed doors……. they tend to fade away a bit. Especially when it came to race. This quote, probably one of Galt’s best known, represents his…

Proposal with Annotated Bibliography

RJ Davis Proposal: Controversies in Virginia’s Central State Hospital Arguably, Central State Hospital in Petersburg Virginia never had its heyday in the picture of modern equality-based perceptions of successful mental health practices. Opening in 1862 as Howard’s Grove Hospital for Confederate soldiers, the grounds were repurposed in 1869 and renamed the Central Lunatic Asylum for …


Black psychiatrist and other specialist within the field of Psychology and Mental Health gather to discuss the question: Why do Black people not go to therapy? In the video, they discuss multiple factors, but the most common reason being the stigma behind mental health within the Black community as a whole. Societal and cultural standards […]

Week 2 Resource Blog Post

Link to article HERE. This article from the New York Times Magazine entitled “The Therapy Issue: Does Therapy Really Work? Let’s Unpack that” addresses author Susan Dominus’ struggles with finding success in therapy and then the research that followed to answer the question of how effective modern talk therapy really is, as well as what …