Friday Roundup for August 28

Congratulations, we all made it through the first week of the semester!

A few items as we look toward this weekend and next week:

  1. Before Tuesday’s class session you need to:
    1. Watch Disney’s Pocahontas (but not definitely not Pocahontas II because I believe in learning and good animation and strong voice acting).
    2. Read John Smith’s Journal (it’s the 1608 version).
    3. Post to the wiki for this week  by 5 AM Tuesday morning.  I’ve added prompts there.  Don’t forget to log in and to sign your comments.
  2. On Tuesday, I’ll use the wiki postings as a jumping off point for our discussion of the film as compared to the history and the primary source.
  3. Other items to follow up on:
    1. If you haven’t yet, please fill out this form to indicate your preference for co-leading one of our film discussions.
    2. If you haven’t selected your film for the project, consider doing so.  Films already selected will have someone’s name next to it on this list.
    3. You need to get me your Research Project URL by 9:30 AM on Thursday, September 3.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Dr. McClurken

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