Project Outlines

The course will be centered on five digital history projects, all of which are related to making local resources available online.  These projects will include the creation of a digital companion site to the physical mural in Jepson planned to celebrate Dr. Venus Jones (VJM), creating a new digital exhibit utilizing scans of a World War II-era scrapbook (WWS), building a digital repository/exhibit of archival materials and board information of Mary Washington College’s time as part of UVA (and a timeline of name changes over its history) (MWH), building on existing projects and creating a digital history of James Farmer Hall and its naming(s) (JFH), refreshing, restoring, and rescuing previous Adventures in Digital History sites over the last 14 years.

The structure of the class is such that we’ll spend the first four weeks looking at examples of Digital History/Digital Humanities/Digital Liberal Arts and being introduced to a “digital toolbox” from which you and your group will chose as you decide on the shape of your project.  Then you and your group will propose a contract for the project. Once I approve that contract, you’ll work on that the rest of the semester.