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1-The art that we viewed was unique in different ways. My favorite image was the chess set by Javier Tellez. I also liked the “Mad Love Asylum” image with the upside down white umbrellas. The drawings by Bobby Baker were most disturbing and made me so sad. What images evoked strong feelings for you?

2-I read that art therapy boosts self-esteem and gives the patient a sense of control which fosters healing and mental well being. I have been making quilts for over 30 years and have made several for people that have lost a loved one. I incorporate relevant themes and sometimes bits of cloth that belonged to the loved one into the design and it seems to bring comfort to those left behind. Last Spring two of my friends passed within weeks of each other and I found it very cathartic to sit and hand sew pieces in memory of them. What types of creative expression do you participate in? Does it help your mental health?

I pledge…Bonnie Akkerman

1. One of the most interesting images we viewed was the chessboard by Javier Téllez. He decided to make the pawn pieces shaped like eggs to represent the mind. Why do you think he made the pawn pieces a representation of the mind?

2. Another image that I found interesting was the second image for the Madlove project. In the image there are multiple umbrellas that are hanging from the ceiling upside down. What do you think the umbrellas are supposed to represent?

Submitted by Audrey Schroeder. I pledge…

1) How does “Our Ideal Asylum” by Madlove on page 248 represent what asylums may be missing for the patients? 2) Similarly, in “Our Ideal Asylum” the artist mentions the desire for both a weather room and the ability to go on walks that are not forced. Do you think that shows the patients feel as though they are trapped within asylums? 3) In the show that I watched (AHS: Asylum), one of the characters, Shelly, was begging to be permitted outside to feel the rain on her skin. Relating to the question above, does the similarity between both the scene from AHS and the artists desire for a weather room show that the patients feel deprived of the ability and freedom to go outside?

Submitted by Mallory Karnei (I pledge…)

1. Given the often-abstract nature of the art we have seen by sufferers of mental illness, how helpful do you think these works are in promoting understanding of mental illness?

2. Do you think these works of art function more as promoting awareness of mental health or as a form of therapy?

Submitted by Chris O'Neill

1.The various choices of medium for artistic expression is fascinating. What do you think draws them to certain mediums?

2. How effective do you think the Mad Love asylum would be if it was made in an official captivity beyond the beta we see in the text?

Submitted by Parker Siebenschuh I pledge….

I found that David Beale's piece called “Lunchbreak” to be similar to what a cafeteria would look like at a workplace or school. Do you think that the intent was to imply that normal people are in asylums? Perhaps it's a jab at the stigma associated with mental health facilities?

Bobby Baker's series Diary Drawings were beautiful and so relatable. I especially enjoyed Day 85 where she depicts how she uses sleep to escape herself. Were there any paintings that resonated with you?

Submitted by Allison Love (I pledge…)

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