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1. With the rise of medication usage in psychiatry, was overmedication a problem? -RJD

2. How widely used was cognitive therapy? How often was it used in conjunction with drugs such as Thorazine? -RJD

1. Were the expectations regarding mental health care as strong as the idea of a “cure” associated with mental Illness? — Ruth Curran

2. Did Setting standards for diagnosing mental disorders increase the amount of medication prescribed? — Ruth Curran

1. In the Mad to Mental Health article it is interesting to note that “historically many physicians believed that a diagnosis was, at best, largely irrelevant to treating a patient or, at worst, restricting and deceptive.” This is something that I don’t think many realize when we think of patient care in a more general sense. -Jake M

2. I wonder why it took until the 1950s and 60s for there to be a reexamination of what was going on inside of Mental institutions as well as how patients were treated since we’ve seen patients and horrible conditions before. -Jake M

1. One thing I found interesting in the Psychoboom section of Madness to Mental Health, is that a distinction between mental health and mental illness is made. I think this is interesting because just by investigating the wording used, and the shift from “mental illness treatment” to “mental health care” shows a change in perception of the field and how those who required “mental health care” were treated. Examining the phrasing can tell us so much before really getting into the content. -Teresa

2. Do you think there is correlation with the founding of various vaccines, like the polio vaccine and the venereal disease vaccine, to the “psychopharmacological revolution” due to a more positive attitude shift? -Teresa

How was the field of psychology impacted by WW2? - Darian James Is the idea of cognitive therapy to “cure” the patient? - Darian James

1. According to Grob, what is done to recognize problems that arise with the shift to community care? - Morgan

2. What remaining stigmas about mental health are shown in the source on the Osheroff v. Chestnut Lodge case? - Morgan

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