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1. How does this text deal with the issue of body autonomy? - Morgan

2. What types of support does Earley find for the families of mentally ill adults? From where does this support come, and where does it not come from that Earley feels it should? - Morgan

1. Dr. Renoso asks the question if Alice Ann Collyer is truly better off in the past where she would have lived out her life in a state mental hospital, or if she was better off in jail, going back and forth between the Miami jail and a mental institute. Dr. Renoso brings up the point that if Collyer were to be in a mental institute there would be programs for her to attempt treatment, at the jail she’s just kept in a call all day left to allow her mental state to deteriorate. This begs the question of has our mental health system really improved? Or have we actually seen a decline in our mental health system? - Teresa

2. As noted by Susan Curran, mental hospitals do not see their patients as humans, but rather get stuck on the title of mentally ill. I think this is the exact reason why our mental health system is the way it is, because people cannot see past the title of mentally ill and do not fully see patients as humans. - Teresa

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