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1. In what ways are patients at hospitals able to use art to express themselves? For artists such as Mr. X, how is their work supported within that environment and are they allowed total artistic freedom? - Morgan

2. What do the Madlove pieces indicate are the biggest priorities for patients when it comes to mental health care and treatment? - Morgan

1. When did the connection between art and mental illness become so common or at least a commonly thought assumption?-Margie

2. In what ways can art be used as a form of treatment? Historiographically how does it fit?-Margie

1. What can these pieces of artwork say about the artist themselves? -Jake M

2. What sort of things can scholars learn from what's depicted in these art pieces and their connection to what their creators were experiencing/going through at the time of their creation? -Jake M

1. Did depictions of mental illness in art have any affect on how mental illness was perceived in society? -NG

2. Do artists use art solely as a form of expression or could it be used as a method to destigmatize the perception and discussion of mental illness? -NG

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