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1. The idea that schizophrenia was an product of a “sick society” is very interesting, is that a stigma that has continued? Or have we passed from that idea.-Margie Jones

2. What other areas of healthcare did deinstitutionalization affect?-Margie Jones

1. Did people view mentally ill patients in the 1960s and 70s as people that should be hidden away or helped? - Evan

2. In what ways did demographics affect the internal dynamics of Ionia?- Evan

1. Did any institutions not face the same controversies as Ionia? Was deinstitutionalization not just a new concept to some, or did it represent a decline in care for those who didn't face the same issues as in Ionia? (Having one of your psychiatrists pass out drunk on the front lawn isn't a GREAT look, I might add). -RJD

2. Were the criminally insane problematic post-deinstitutionalization? -RJD

1. How did the demographics of the staff at Ionia compare to the patients? Were there any changes in how they interacted based on the race, gender, etc. of the staff that can be observed? - Morgan

2. Are there other diagnoses that the view of has been impacted by historical events to the extent that Metzel describes schizophrenia as having been? - Morgan

1. In chapter 25 we learn that “People diagnosed with schizophrenia in the United States are far more likely to reside in prisons than in psychiatric care facilities.” I’m curious to know why this is? -Jake M

2. It’s interesting to see the comparison of Mental health to the Witch trials as what I can only assume is a way of trying to deny that mental health was a real concern, even though there is strong evidence and we all know that mental health is a real issue. -Jake M

1. On page 145 describes a schizophrenia diagnosis as a “life sentence” how does this compare to the earlier ideas of an asylum being a place to “hide away” unwanted members of society? - Darian James

2. After allegedly being jumped by 3 individuals Otis James argued and resisted officers until he was knocked unconscious. We’re his actions reasonable? Did his race or his actions play a larger part in Ionians continuous denial of his freedom? - Darian James

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