Week Five: Team Work

This week, our group proposed our contract for the National Park Service project that we have been assigned. Needless to say, some tweaking was required. Our group did a great job brainstorming yesterday and ironed out the wrinkles. A few of us have started the process of scanning the cemetery register. It has definitely been …

Updates and Challenges

This week, we submitted the draft of our contract. Our challenges with that seem to be specificity, we need to add much more detail to what we will be doing and how we will be doing it. As far as the project itself, we weren’t able to get a 360 camera from where we thought. […]

Contract Struggles

This week we discussed contracts. In general, we needed to make everything a little more specific. We’ve run into a couple of snaggs since we couldn’t get the camera that we originally wanted, but hopefully we will be able to get one from the art department. In regards to getting more details for everything, we […]

Week 5 Blog Post

This week has been spent finalizing our contracts and beginning to work on our project. While our contract still needs some fine-tuning, primarily with exact directions on how to name files and the details of how much we can accomplish in the limited timeframe we have for this project. The latter has involved prioritizing each … Continue reading Week 5 Blog Post


After writing our first go round of our group’s contract, it’s clear to see that we have some reevaluating as a group to do. Some of the goals that we had originally intended are no longer applicable due to alterations in our understanding of our project. Luckily, we will no longer have to digitize over […]