Working with Omeka

Initially when I downloaded Omeka to take a quick look at it for how to make our site, I was worried that I would not be able to actually use it.  All I could see was folders after folders with php files, jscripts, and various other kinds of files that could break everything if touched wrong.  After seeing it actually work on the web though, it looks similar to WordPress and incredibly easy to use.  With its ability to have collections and items, and its item types including images and sounds, it looks like Omeka should be an optimal tool for my group’s project.  At this point, all I really need to learn is how to format all of the data so that it looks nice to the user.

My main reason for posting about this is because this was my main worry with the project as a whole.  I thought I would have to spend several weeks learning how to use Omeka and post all of the digitized letters, pictures, and everything else we would do all in one large bunch.  Since I know that will not be the case now, I am much more relaxed with this project knowing that I can work at a slower pace by uploading everything as they come to me and designing the final site throughout the semester.  Of course, that does not mean I can slack off and not work on the project at all.  I still have a team that is counting on me to do my share, and that share I will do.