Why did Lila sign up for Hist 427: Digital History?

I signed up for HIST428: Digital History for three specific reasons:

  1. I need to take a 300 or 400 level class for my major requirements in order to graduate this May
  2. After graduating from UMW,  I plan to pursue careers in Museum Studies and Library Science. The ability to manipulate digital information and search for data on multiple web based platforms is essential to my development as a professional researcher and curator.
  3. Although I have used DoOO and WordPress for the past three semesters, I am still do not feel confident or comfortable when using them and I would like to become more confident when using them and other digital resources

To expand on reason #3, my relationship with digital technology and with the internet has always been a catch-22. While both digital technology and the internet have noteworthy advantages such as the availability of information and the low cost, both of them have been the source of frustration, confusion stress and anxiety.

In addition to my emotional struggles with digital technology and the internet, the internet in particular has also sparked my intellectual curiosity. I’ve always had questions about the internet that include: how did the internet originate, what was its original purpose, where is the information on the internet physically located(if there is any physical location for the internet at all),  how people are able to know where you are and get personal information about you on the internet, why the internet and digital technology always have to be updated, and if there is such thing as a limit for the amount of information that can exist on the internet.