Thoughts On The HCC/ITCC Project

I have to say that I am pretty excited to begin working on this Convergence Center project. We will begin immediately next week by talking to admissions and doing some thorough research on the building’s history and its primary uses. In class today, we briefly discussed as a group what we wanted to do for the future interviews. Should we record video or just record a short audio interview? The latter would reduce the risk of losing footage, but we decided to leave it in the proposal just in case we do decide to use video for the interviews.

If we were to do video interviews, we would use a format similar to that of the show 60 Minutes. For now, we will focus on the research and setting up the future interviews with the people involved with the planning stages and others that we need to meet with in order to make the final product what we imagine it to be.

The more we discuss the future of the HCC website, the more I realize how important it is for the school. We could potentially bring in more students and increase overall traffic to the building. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I can’t wait to begin, but there will always be that thought of messing up and not getting enough publicity,making it unappealing, etc. haunting me everyday until most of the hard work is complete.

One finall thought before I conclude this post. It would be great publicity for our website and even the other groups websites if we were able to advertise in The Blue and Gray Press, the town paper itself, and their online counterparts. I’m sure  they will bring in some early traffic once all of the websites are up and running!