Progress in Planning HCC Website

My group in Digital History has been assigned to document the history of the Convergence Center through the creation of a website. This week, my group had to discuss the mission and goals of our website, as well as the audience, tools we plan to use, and a relative timeline of when we want to accomplish certain goals by. So far, the organization of our project planning seems to be going smoothly, and we have a solid idea of what we want to accomplish. Our mission is as follows:

Part of this project involves introducing the building to new and prospective UMW students will likely be the primary audience. Secondary audience will include current students, faculty members, and members of the community. We would like to get a perspective on how the ITCC could potentially use this project, and how we change this project from a niche seminar grade, into a resource for the university as a whole.
For our website to gain publicity, we can partner with Admissions, and have them advertise our website. Additionally, we can share our page through social media, and have people we know share the page. We could also link our site to the official HCC website to gain more traffic. In order to sustain our website, we can hand over our site to admissions or permanent staff of the HCC. They can keep the website updated when it becomes outdated.