knightlab Timeline + Map


<iframe src=’//′ width=’100%’ height=’650′ frameborder=’0′></iframe>

(If the above looks like html, there is a link to the timeline below)


(I could not find a way to embed my Map so here is a URL linking to it).


For the most part, the two tools were easy to use.  The timeline simply required dates and from there I could enter any information I wanted as well as pictures or youtube videos (though I chose not to).  The map was basically the same; enter a location and then any information I want to go along with it.  My main issue with both tools though, is that I expected them to work together but they did not.  If both tools are made by knightlab, it should make sense that I should only have to enter the data once and the two tools could work together and create one smooth timeline/map.  Since they do not work together like this, it may be better to just pick one tool for a project based on if location or general information is more important. (If they do somehow work together and I am not seeing it, then I would like for knightlab to make it clearer that they do work together.)