Digital Resume

Though it has been a while since I used my site this way, it was made to be a digital resume showcasing some of my work.  After about a year and many blog posts later, my site more or less switched purposes from a resume to just a blog that I post to semi-regularly.  Looking back, my site is a victim to lack of maintenance as I hardly touch it anymore unless I am making a post.  In the future, I will have to start using this site more as my resume as well as a blog site so viewers will be able to see what I have recently done as well as my thoughts and opinions on varying subjects.  Of course, I will have to make various changes to how the site looks, throw in some pictures (of myself and my work), embed some videos or anything else I have been working on, etc.  I’ll need to take care of this site like I take care of my regular resume, with more attention and updating with everything I am doing/have done.