Creative tool uses

(First, quick apology, I thought I linked the ADH category so I don’t know why my DGST 101 post appeared when I did not even link it.  I’ll look into this later but it may end up reposted to ADH site.)

With various plugins, WordPress can be used as not just a personal reflection, but reflections of other various other things, such as commerce (Amazon or customer feedback) or a blog between many people (like the ADH site).  I have never used Omeka before but after looking at the other sites, it looks like it can display timelines and annotations, map to other pages (inside the same domain and other sites such as Youtube), and Omeka sites can play avi files and different kinds of music.

My group will probably make use of the timelines and annotations and our project will probably be very similar to the Emile Davis Diaries site but we will find a way to personalize it and make it our own.