Creative Commons

After looking at the History tab of several Wikipedia articles, I notice that a lot of updates tend to be around the same time.  One day may have eight different updates/edits while another day may have none at all.  Another thing I noticed is that most edits are small (change grammar/wording) while other edits are bigger and required discussion.  Some edits were completely reversed after other users claimed that everything must be discussed when making an edit.  On the discussion page, there were many suggestions to improve the articles by adding various people, events, etc.  That said, it looked like any regular internet forum where everyone gets into fights over little details and users throw the rules at each other claiming that the page should/should not be edited because they (the user arguing) is in the right because of whatever their argument is.


Looking over the different Creative Commons Licenses, I believe our project would benefit most from the “Attribution” license given that the National Park Service may want to change something later after we finish (but since I cannot be sure what, this provides them with freedom to edit what they may want to).  Of course, if the NPS would prefer this license, it will be their job to make sure all of the information is accurate.  Copyrights should not pose much problem since we are only working with historical documents which we already have permission to scan, transcribe, and upload.  At this point we have no intention of using anything licensed at all so there is currently no need to address any copyrights.