Maps & Timelines

This assignment was a good interactive way to familiarize myself with these new tools. I have never done a project that involved the use of either StoryMapJS or TimelineJS but I can really see now how they will be helpful for this class and especially my group project. StoryMapJS was pretty simple to use, I had no problem uploading pictures and editing the content. I preferred the StoryMapJS of the two because it looked better visually. I like the integration of the map while the slideshow played; for this slideshow I mapped out all the places I’ve ever lived and visited, and  it was great to see the scope of all the locations marked out on the map. TimelineJS was good, but I think it’s more suited to factual and historical information due to how simple it is. Using the excel doc took a little more time to navigate but it wasn’t impossible either. I simply transferred the info as best as I could from my previous StoryMapJS.

Lastly, I liked how both applications gave me the option to save and share a link to the project, and I also liked that the code was readily available for copy and pasting into our own sites.