Short But Sweet, Presenting Progress

While writing and presenting my short 4-minute presentation on my progress thus far in the literature review final project I have learned many important things, from peers  both in class and out of class. Writing down my progress and seeing where I am really allowed me to see the bigger picture and grasp what I have and what I am lacking for this final project. I feel that although it was a short presentation it was great help to realize our individual pace for the literature review paper. The sort 4-minute presentation also mentally helped me, when I went to the Speaking Center I had my presentation finished and presented what I thought was the final edit. The peer advisor I had that the Speaking Center brought up small yet crucially important information and practices in presenting anything to anyone. She asked me why? Did I choose what I had chosen, and that made me think. Of all the books that I could have read or topics I could have studied, I ended up choosing this particular one. I then came up with the answer that although it was “A Limited Freedom” of choice it was freedom none the less. This has changed my outlook towards the entire project, as a personal project opposed to a school assignment. Another important thing that I learned while in class was that if there is a gap in the study, for me that is good, that is the part of the study that I can say is lacking and could be looked into further.