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Claimed topics:

lkacoyan — 17th century — “Examination of Sarah Cloyse and Elizabeth Proctor.”
18th century — page 46 of  Samuel Gregory’s book, Man-Midwifery Exposed and Corrected.


Shannon K. —

17th Century: Laws regulating the conduct and marriage of servants (March 1642-43)

18th Century: Midwifery book, pages 5, 7-8 —


Nicole —

17th Century — Bridget Bishop —

18th Century Midwifery book, 9-14 —


sball4 —

Warrant for the Arrest of Elizabeth Proctor and Sarah Cloyce (April 4, 1692)

Foster v. North, Supreme Judicial Court, July 1790, Indictment



17th Century

York County Deeds, Orders, and Wills Book 12 —  Labors Complaints–book%2012.txt

18th Century

Massachusetts Sentinel – April 14, 1790


bmeeks —

Sarah Good Executed July 19, 1692 ( ) ; and from the 18th century list: pages 17-20 of the Man-Midwifrey Exposed and Corrected ( ). 

mrebennack — 17th centuryBefore the Birth of One of Her Children by Anne Bradstreet

 18th century: Letter from Sewall to his son, in Henry Sewall’s Diary, Sewall, Henry (pages 1-3)

Kim M.

17th Century-
John Pory Letter 1619-

18th Century-
Midwifery book Page 50.


17th Century – Candy –

Diary of Samuel Sewall –


pbrown —

17th C –        Martha Carrier, Executed August 19, 1692

18th C –           Boston Gazette Oct 7, 1776


Runaway servant ad from the Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg, from Friday, September 24 to Friday October 1, 1736. 

For my second source I would like to use the May 28 – June 2, 1810 entries (one page) from Martha Ballard’s Diary.

smcgrath —

1. Page 186 of The Perpetual Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
2. Letter to John Richards IV, written during the Salem Witch Trials

lrainfor —

17th century:  The Examination of Mary Easty at

18th century: The Death Notice for Martha Ballard


Natalie —

The Flesh and The Spirit


Man-Midwifery Exposed and Corrected (p. 25-30)


adacey —

“A Letter to Her Husband” by Anne Bradstreet —

The perpetual laws of the commonwealth of Massachusetts (page 187)

mrodrig4 —

petitions of convicted witches awaiting execution in Salem at

and the copy of the Pennsylvania Gazette from 2 Jan 1750

cliberty — For my seventeenth century hypothesis source — PETITIONS FOR COMPENSATION AND DECISION CONCERNING COMPENSATION
For the eighteenth century — The Perpetual Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachuessetts

koconnell — 17th century: Examination of Elizabeth How

18th century: Map of the Siege of Charlestown




cdingus —

“For The Colony in Virginea Britannia.”- 1612

“The Perpetual Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts” – 1789 (Specific pages coming soon)


Cgoode —

John Rolfe’s letter explaining his marriage to Pocahontas for my 17th Century source ( and The Female Physician by John Maubray ( for my 18th Century Source?


Caburrows —

Letter with Medical Remedies, Vaughn, Benjamin,

Examination of Martha Corey, Salem Withcraft Papers,


Mspicer —

17th century

18th C. —

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