To be completed via class drawing on Tuesday, April 4

Tuesday, April 25

  1.  Group 7 — Typewriter
  2.  Group 1 — B-2 Bomber
  3.  Group 4 — Mouse
  4. Group 5 — Microwave

Thursday, April 27

  1.   Group 2 — Blue Jeans
  2.  Group 6 — Pinball Machine
  3.  Group 3 — Tupperware


Presentation of Projects–Worth 5% of the overall grade

Each group will have five to eight minutes (strictly enforced) to present its project to the class using the site and the computer at the front of the room.

Topics you MAY wish to discuss:

  • Difficulties in researching topic
  • Process of creating blog-based project or documentary
  • Coolest thing you were able to do
  • Coolest thing you wish you had been able to do
  • What you wish you had known at the beginning

You will be graded on the structure & organization (including attention to time), content, clarity, usefulness, involvement of group members, and originality of your presentation.